Intuitive understanding of Gradient Descent

As we are moving ahead with rapid pace with AI technological software developments , we ignore the basic math implementation in future and aim solving the big problems. For the future generations who wants to understand what is happening under the hood, I am leaving the traces of gradient descent from a mathematical perspective.  # import … Continue reading Intuitive understanding of Gradient Descent

Understanding Mathematics of Back propagation

When I was in college, I got an assignment to derive the below problem; Generalization of sensitivity propagation formulae for 4-layer neural network. This helped me to understand the math behind back propagation. Recently, many people asked me how to understand back propagation with respect to neural networks. Hence I thought of posting this blog-post.

What is your choice of programming language for Machine Learning

In the previous post we have seen a brief introduction to machine learning. In this post we will see trending programming languages for implementing machine learning algorithms. Scientific community is increasing in a very rapid pace. There is a lot of competition going on among the top companies, and the competition is good. Competition makes … Continue reading What is your choice of programming language for Machine Learning

Mathematics of EDGE Detection in Computer Vision

In Computer Vision, Edge detection in images are very important for machine to understand its environment. So that it detects and classifies the objects around it. For a machine everything it sees through the camera are all numbers. The numbers will represent the intensity of light reflected from the object. Let us analyze the pixel … Continue reading Mathematics of EDGE Detection in Computer Vision